1. Use specific nouns and verbs in a noun-verb sentence

Fire belched from the dragon’s mouth.


2. Use specific nouns and verbs in a noun-verb-noun sentence

The car crusher devoured the wrecked cars.


3. Interrogative—ask a question

What steps do good writers follow to produce a good work?


4. Open with an adverb

Noisily, the mosquitoes buzzed around our heads.


5. Open with a prepositional phrase.

During the day the robber hid in a dingy basement apartment.


6. Use an appositive

Claude Monet, a French Impressionist, painted many outdoor scenes.


7. Open with an adverb clause

Because Renoir painted many oils of clowns, people often recognize his work.


8. Close with an adverb clause

Hulk Hogan will run for President of the United States after he retires from wrestling.


9. Use Parallel structure in words

Mom bought chips, soda, and pickles for the picnic.


10. Use parallel structure in phrases and clauses

Fabio drew her to him, whispered in her ear, and asked for change for the soda machine.


11. Open with an adjective

Angry, the child threw the toy across the room.


12. Open with an adjective phrase

Afloat with confidence, the homecoming queen tripped on the steps.


13. Open with a present infinitive

To prevent a mess, the chef covered the counter with wax paper.


14. Open with a present participle

Gazing at the ballerinas, Degas planned his next painting.


15. Open with a past participle

Known as a landscape painter, Monet gave a shimmering quality to his artwork.


16. Open with a perfect participle

Having kissed her father’s forehead, the teenager snatched the car keys and headed outside.


17. Use a restrictive adjective clause

This morning the technician tossed the computer that never worked into the dumpster.


18. Use a non-restrictive adjective clause

Our art class studied the paintings of Seaurat, who developed a technique called pointillism.


19. Compound sentence with a coordinating conjunction

The right tackle must stop the quarter back, or we will lose this game.


20. Compound Sentence with a semi-colon

Zeus blasted a lightning bolt from the sky; Io had made him angry.


21. Compound sentence with a conjunctive adverb

Van Gogh suffered from severe mental problems; nevertheless, his still-lifes and landscapes hang in the world’s greatest museums.


22. Compound sentence with an elliptical expression

Darby played a musical number by Bach; Joan, one by Mozart.


23. Use a parenthetical expression between subject and verb

Gaugin, inspired by the island of Tahiti, used bold colors while painting.


24. Open with a parallel structure followed by a closing statement

Chocolate, good books, and motorcycles—all of these bring a smile to our teacher’s face.




All Students Will:

Participate while the class analyzes the sentence pattern

Work with a peer group to write 5 sentences that follow the pattern

Individually write 20 sentences that follow the pattern



All sentences must be perfect:  no errors in spelling, punctuation, or style.

No weak verbs are allowed.

Nouns must always be specific:  no pronouns.